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Celebrating St Andrew’s Day in the Far East

St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, was celebrated by Scots around the world. In Asia, early references come from India where dinners were, by the 1850s, a common affair and widely reported in the press. They only achieved a more stable base, however, in the late-nineteenth century. As Stewart, in his exploration of the jute industry in Calcutta, has noted, the dinners were ‘the most important public ceremonial occasion each year for the British community’.

From India Scottish dinners soon extend their geographic reach—a development in unison with the expansion of the British sphere of influence in the Far East. We … Read more

28. November 2014 by Tanja Bueltmann
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Expats and the Celebration of Patron Saints

One common activity of expats abroad – in the past as well as now – is to come together for joint events. This could be a football match, with sport having long since offered a potent hook for joint activities. National days, official or unofficial, also provide a key means to do so. For the Scots the celebration of their patron saint St Andrew was of great importance and has strong historical roots around the world. Let us look at some examples from Asia.

‘No saint in the calendar’, observed a reporter in the Hong Kong Daily Press in 1886, … Read more

30. November 2013 by Tanja Bueltmann
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