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Celebrating St George’s Day

Today, at home and abroad, Englishmen and Englishwomen will come together to celebrate St George’s Day. Parades, balls and concerts will be attended by those keen to mark the day of England’s patron saint. In England, from the late-nineteenth century, the Royal Society of St George (RSStG) took the lead in St George’s Day celebrations, the association having been established to ‘revive the recognition and celebration in every part of the world, of the Old English Festival of St George’. In many sites across the globe, the association’s aim was achieved. Whether organised by branches of the RSStG or affiliated … Read more

23. April 2015 by Lesley Robinson
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Celebrating St David in Asia

In the early-twentieth century, across a number of sites in Asia, Welsh communities began to come together in celebration of their patron saint. On 29 February 1908 ‘the Welsh community in Hong Kong celebrated St David’s Day’. The Straits Times reported on the celebration, noting that ‘besides the football match between teams representing the Principality and England’, a grand dinner was held in the Hongkong hotel at night presided over by William Rees Morgan Davies, then Attorney General of Hong Kong. The following year, Hong Kong’s King Edward Hotel (see picture below) provided the backdrop for another St David’s Day … Read more

02. March 2015 by Lesley Robinson
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Christmas in Singapore

Moving to another country-whether on a permanent or temporary basis-will, more often than not, require a host of readjustments. From practical transitions such as learning a new language or experiencing a new cuisine, to more fundamental alterations to a routine or lifestyle, relocating engenders change. The way in which you celebrate Christmas in your new country was one, perhaps less obvious, adjustment. Yet, for some expatriates, celebrating Christmas in a foreign land presented some very unique challenges. A 1924 article, printed in the Christmas Eve edition of the Malayan Saturday Post, informed readers of the difficulties British expatriates in … Read more

16. December 2014 by Lesley Robinson
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